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Offering both Non GMO Grain Finished & 100% Grass Fed Meat


Welcome to the little piece of dirt, we call our home!  We are a young farm family that spends our time growing things: our family, our bison, our garden and our knowledge. We strive to influence our children with hard work, a positive outlook, faith in God, and a lot of love.  We fell madly in love and as days turned into months, and months turned into years, we found ourselves in a place we didn’t intend on going and we are so glad we are there! Join us on this ever changing journey, go ahead graze around!


With our trough half full, 

The Steeles


“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”



The Bison is an American icon, who roamed the plains in herds numbering in the millions, are native to our country and are one of the most fascinating gifts to our Earth.  The bison provides a red meat that is naturally leaner, and higher in protein than most other meats.  It will supply you with an amazing amount of Omega 3’s, iron, protein and other minerals, while being low in cholesterol, fat and calories.  It is basically a super-meat!



We say No to: Antibiotics, Hormones, GMO’s, Unnecessary handling, Inhumane treatment and living conditions.


We say Yes to: Grass, Pasture, Sustainable Farming and Ranching Practices, Continued Education, Continued Improvement, Health, Honesty, & Doing the best we can to provide our family and our customers with healthy meat that comes from healthy, happy and humanely treated bison.

It is our duty, and goal to give our bison the best quality of life that we possibly can, and happy, healthy bison are essential to our second goal:  To provide our customers with top quality, great tasting meat, that is raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or GMO’s.


We have great respect for the American Bison, who roamed these plains for

thousands of years before our arrival, and we embrace our responsibility to be

good stewards of them and the land.


They are wild animals, so we try to be as hands off as possible, which means no

unnecessary handling. Our bison are raised here from birth, and usually number

around one hundred head. Our small scale allows us to pay greater attention to

detail and ensures that no bison will ever feel crowded here. Our breeding stock

have access to pasture year round, they spend the warmer months out grazing on

pasture, then during winter are fed hay closer to the farmyard where there is more

shelter from the wind, and straw bedding is provided. The pasture gates are left

open so they can roam or run as much as they please.

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PHONE: 701-799-2157


New Rockford, ND 58356


“The first time I had bison meat was when I purchased a prime rib from Travis and Amy. Let me tell you I was not disappointed! It was so tender and had so much flavor me and my family were very satisfied. I love the flavor of bison and it is definitely my new favorite meat. I'm not from North Dakota so it was shipped to me and they did a great job getting it to me. Travis and Amy thank you for a great product and service.”
-Rebecca G. AZ
“We have bought buffalo from the Steeles for 2 years now, have been very happy with the quality and price. They are very easy to work with, for what you want. WE WILL CONTINUE TO PURCHASE OUR MEAT WITH THEM, COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!”
-Dawn F. Reynolds, ND
“My husband and I have bought bison meat from Steele Family Bison several times. We like the portion sizes, the packaging AND love the taste. It feels good to know that we are eating healthier but not having to give up great taste. You get more for your money since it has far less fat than cattle beef. We have also encouraged others to use it. My grandkids think it is a big deal to be eating a “BUFFALO”.”
-Dan & Barb B. Valley City, ND
“The quality of products from Steele Family Bison has been amazing every time we've brought some home. We've added lean bison meat to our regular diet, especially at holiday meals, and are proud to be able to tell our guests that they are locally-grown and processed!”
-Jessica D. New Rockford,ND
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