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Ground Burger

Ground Burger

Good ol’ ground meat! Make your own burgers, use in hot dishes and a thousand other things. This is a staple in our home. If you’ve never had bison meat before and you’re wondering can I use ground bison instead of ground beef? The answer is a bold Yes! You can substitute ground bison meat into any recipe.

Burger Patties

Convenient, pre made 1/4 pound burger patties in packages of four.




Round Steak (currently unavailable)

A lean steak, not considered to be real tender, however, at times I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find myself eating a round steak that could pass for a sirloin. Many recommend low, moist heat, but it can also be grilled on low heat with success.

Sirloin Steak

Well known to many as a can’t go wrong, good value steak. It is fairly lean, yet tender. Cut from the sirloin, hence the name. As always we grill ours on low.


Sirloin Tri Tip Steak (currently unavailable)

A unique cut that’s actually more like a cross between a steak and a roast. Lean and tender, it's triangular in shape, about 1.5 inches thick tapering down to .5 inch thick. Don't let its' thickness scare you. We grill them on low for a little longer, then slice, and enjoy the juicy, flavorful strips. 


New York Strip Steak

A nice little steak with some marbling and slightly more tender than the sirloin, great on the grill for a gathering, and will not disappoint. Cut from the short loin, when left bone in it actually makes up one half of the T-bone steak.


T-Bone Steak (currently unavailable)

As American as apple pie, well respected and satisfying. Cut from the short loin, it is really two great steaks in one. Separated by the T shaped bone, one side is the New York Strip (see NY Strip) and the other is the sinfully tender Tenderloin (see Tenderloin).


Porterhouse Steak (currently unavailable)

Basically a big T-Bone, cut from the larger end of the short loin, which tapers from one end to the other. It’s the steak of choice for the person who brought the appetite, and will require your belt be loosened a notch. Can also be used to separate boys from men!


Ribeye Steak

The most highly regarded steak by most for good reason. It is nicely marbled and very tender. Cut from the rib, it’s the highly coveted Prime Rib cut into steak form, and has won over many a father in law!


Tenderloin Steak

Hands down the most tender cut of all. A lean little steak cut from the short loin that also makes up one half of the T-Bone when left as bone in. Without fail, it melts in your mouth and blows your mind every time you eat one!


Arm Roast (currently unavailable)

The arm roast comes from the forequarter. It is a very lean roast and just like many of the roasts it is great in the slow cooker and perfect for slicing!


Top Round Roast (currently unavailable)

This roast is self-explanatory, it comes from the top of the round. It is another lean roast that provides a wonderful addition to your dinner table. Cook it long and slow for tenderness.


Eye of Round Roast (currently unavailable)

A lean roast cut from the round, holds together well when sliced thin for sandwiches. Our standard protocol for all roasts is at least eight hours on low in the crockpot.


Rump Roast (currently unavailable)

A lean roast cut from the end of the round, it’s a combination of different muscles in the round. We cook them in the crock pot on low for at least eight hours.


Sirloin Tip Roast

Cut from the round, but a little more tender, and not quite as lean as the other roasts from the round. It is wonderful in a slow cooker, or if you decide you don’t want to serve it as a roast cut it up and use it for kabobs!


Chuck Roast

A nicely marbled and tender roast. This is the most favored roast, you can make this in a slow cooker or in your oven. It is sure to please your family or any special guests!


Prime Rib Roast

A premium roast marbled and tender, worthy of Christmas Dinner entrée status. Best cooked in the oven.


Summer Sausage

Smoked summer sausage packed with flavor but no MSG, and no need to cook. Cold slices make great snacks, or sandwiches!


Ring Sausage

Good for breakfast or anytime. Easy meals, great taste, and no MSG. Grill or boil, just don’t overcook. Can also slice thin and add to recipes.

Bulk Breakfast Sausage

Its’ robust, no MSG flavor will awaken your senses. Form into patties and pan fry, or brown like burger and add to recipes for some built in flavor!

Breakfast Sausage Patties

The same as the bulk breakfast sausage but the work is done.  It is already in pattie form!

Snack Sticks

The perfect protein packed snack on the go.  Lots of flavor and just like all of our sausage products, no MSG.



Brisket is southern comfort in meat form! Perfect for slow cooking and serving at your next family BBQ. It is tender, mouthwatering and bursting with flavor! Many people also put these large briskets in their smoker.


Stew Meat

Small, bite sized pieces of meat cut from the round, convenient and versatile, great for soups and stews!


Kabob Meat (currently unavailable)

Cubed chunks of meat cut from the tender chuck, ready for the skewer! 

Fajita/Stir Fry Meat (currently unavailable)

Strips of meat from the skirt and flank, great texture and flavor for fajitas or stir fry.


Short Ribs

Rib meat may be the best tasting meat on the bison. Since it is layered between fat and connective tissue it just takes a little more work to get at it. The reward is well worth the effort! We cook them slow in the crock pot at least ten hours and it all separates very easily. Extra napkins required!


Soup Bone

A crosscut section of leg bone about 2 inches thick with a pound or more of meat on it. We lightly boil it all day or night to release the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the bone into the broth.  Drink the broth straight or make a nutrient dense soup from it!



It is best in a slow cooker with a marinade or you can get busy and make it into some wonderful jerky!



Liver and onions anyone? This organ meat is nutrient dense and makes a great addition to any diet. It has a slightly milder flavor than a beef liver.

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