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Our Farming Practices

We have great respect for the American Bison, who roamed these plains for thousands of years before our arrival, and we embrace our responsibility to be good stewards of them and the land. They are wild animals, so we try to be as hands off as possible, which means no unnecessary handling.


Our bison are raised here from birth, and usually number around one hundred head. Our small scale allows us to pay greater attention to detail and ensures that no bison will ever feel crowded here. Our breeding stock have access to pasture year round, they spend the warmer months out grazing on pasture, then during winter are fed hay closer to the farmyard where there is more shelter from the wind, and straw bedding is provided. The pasture gates are left open so they can roam or run as much as they please. We offer both non GMO grain finished bison meat, and 100% grass fed bison meat.

Our grain finished bison are kept closer to the yard in large pens, with access to additional alleys, pens, and other grassy and wooded areas whenever possible. We always strive to give them as much space as possible to run, roam, and graze, and always provide them with good quality hay and free access to our own organically raised, non GMO oats.

Our grass fed bison graze pasture during the summer and are fed good quality hay during the winter. They are not given grains of any kind, and they too have access to the additional spaces whenever possible. All of the bison are provided with fresh clean drinking water and necessary minerals year round. It is our duty, and goal to give our bison the best quality of life that we possibly can, and happy, healthy bison are essential to our second goal: To provide our customers with top quality, great tasting meat, raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or GMO’s.

Our bison are harvested and processed under North Dakota State Meat Inspection, by dedicated professional butchers at a modern facility within an hour’s drive of our farm.

Our Aspirations:

Throughout our 15 years of working with bison we continue to learn more about them, which drives us to improve our ways of caring for them.  In the last three years we have turned our focus to the importance of grass and pasture for all of our bison.  We aspire to give ALL of our bison access to pasture ALL the time, and through our daily efforts and hard work, we are committed to making that reality.  Bison are meant for grass, to live on it and feed on it and that’s it.  It is what makes bison meat a super meat.  It is important to trust your farmer and trust your food…after all it is what nourishes the people you love most. We are on a journey of change & we gladly invite you to our table, the table that we feed our family from. Eat alongside us as we change our way of thinking, the way we care for our animals and ultimately the way we care for our world.

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”

–Samuel Johnson

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