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Buying a customized whole gives you the opportunity to have the entire bison processed to your desired specifications, this also is a great value for your money. Please fill out the order form (link below), this will instruct the butcher on how to process your order. You will have the opportunity to choose any of the cuts. A customized whole is sold by the carcass hot hanging weight (HHW) at $5.45 per pound + butcher's processing fee. When choosing a customized whole, we can only estimate your total cost and amount of meat until pickup or delivery. You may pick up your order from the butcher, from our farm ($70 added to your total) or delivery can be arranged. For deliveries there will be a base fee of $70 plus $1.50 per mile (one way) outside of New Rockford, ND.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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