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“The first time I had bison meat was when I purchased a prime rib from Travis and Amy. Let me tell you I was not disappointed! It was so tender and had so much flavor me and my family were very satisfied. I love the flavor of bison and it is definitely my new favorite meat. I'm not from North Dakota so it was shipped to me and they did a great job getting it to me. Travis and Amy thank you for a great product and service.”
-Rebecca G. AZ
“We have bought buffalo from the Steeles for 2 years now, have been very happy with the quality and price. They are very easy to work with, for what you want. WE WILL CONTINUE TO PURCHASE OUR MEAT WITH THEM, COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!”
-Dawn F. Reynolds, ND
“My husband and I have bought bison meat from Steele Family Bison several times. We like the portion sizes, the packaging AND love the taste. It feels good to know that we are eating healthier but not having to give up great taste. You get more for your money since it has far less fat than cattle beef. We have also encouraged others to use it. My grandkids think it is a big deal to be eating a “BUFFALO”.”
-Dan & Barb B. Valley City, ND
“The quality of products from Steele Family Bison has been amazing every time we've brought some home. We've added lean bison meat to our regular diet, especially at holiday meals, and are proud to be able to tell our guests that they are locally-grown and processed!”
-Jessica D. New Rockford,ND
"We started eating bison meat 4 years ago and love it! Much more lean and better for you! I love knowing where my meat came from and not having to worry about added hormones or questionable living conditions of the animal. The roasts made in the crockpot melt in your mouth!"
-Kayla J. Fargo, ND
“We prepared a fantastic bison roast for a funeral dinner.  Dusted with a dry rub of salt and herbs and roasted at 250 for two hours and then 325 for 30 minutes. It was moist, tender, and flavorful. It was the talk of the evening. Even the city folks liked it! Thank you!”
-Rachel B. New Rockford, ND
"We bought Bison burger just because Amy asked and is such a sweetie.  Not really intending to buy more.  Well, we are hooked.  Now we get steaks, roasts (which are totally awesome), & burger.  It is all fabulous!!  I use the bison burger in everything including sloppy jo's, spaghetti, and hot dishes.  My family likes it better and comments often, even asking for the recipe.  Nice!!!!  Thanks Amy and Travis we LOVE your Bison."
-Deacon Joe & Deb L Valley City, ND
“Steele Family Bison is my go-to for Bison meat with my catering company. I served it last year at a birding festival and the people, many of whom were from out of state, raved at the tenderness and taste.”
-Brenda Gorseth, CEO Woodward Farm, LLC
"Our family has recently become aware of the importance of good quality food and meat (pasture raised, fed with non-GMOs, and no hormones or antibiotic treatments given).  New to ND we searched hard to find a new meat source like we had at our old home. After we found Steele Family Bison, we couldn't be more pleased. Not only does it meet our high quality standards for meat but it tastes amazing and has so many health benefits above beef we didn't even know about prior! We will continue to get all our red meat from the Steele's. Travis and Amy are a young family who's faith shines through in their business by being truly caring to their customer's health, very understanding and patient with answering all our questions and we will continue to do business with them."
- Vincent & Anita K. Hope, ND

“The more we genuinely care about others the greater our own happiness & inner peace.”

-Allan Lokos

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